All about the car recycling program

List of cars under the recycling program in 2018

From January 16, 2018, a new car recycling program comes into full force. Today the project has been given a new start, from which new, greater indicators are expected than in the previous year.

This year, the list of cars for recycling has been supplemented with new brands and car manufacturers.

Today, the operator is coordinating the allocation of money for the acceptance of 40 thousand old cars, plus the quota that was not implemented last year will be added to this.

Car recycling is a widespread practice around the world. In developed countries there are entire networks of collection points where owners of old and damaged cars have the opportunity to sell their cars for scrap.

Funds received from scrap collections are used to stimulate the collection and recycling of waste, payment of financial resources to the population in the form of a certificate for handing over junk cars and for information support of the program.

Of course, like any new activity launched, this project encountered a number of problems. One of them was the issue of a unified form of certificate of disposal of transport property. There are several samples of such a certificate depending on the region.

At the moment, the issue of introducing a universal certificate has been initiated - uniform for all regions of the country.

List of cars according to the program

Below is a list of car brands with models and benefit amounts. You can benefit from recycling or the Trade-IN program.

Choose what will be beneficial for you. Many automakers publish information about the recycling program in special offers on their official websites.

Go and get the latest news about the programs of the car brand you are interested in.

Lada AvtoVAZ recycling

Read more about the conditions for purchasing Lada cars under the recycling program and the Trade-IN program on this page.

The VAZ LADA vehicle recycling program is extended every year.

Official site: 

Model Compensation for disposal
All models 50,000 rub.

UAZ recycling

We have a separate page with detailed information about purchasing a UAZ under the program.

Available UAZ program, more details on the official website.

Official site: 

Model Compensation for disposal
Patriot 90,000 rub.
Hunter 90,000 rub.
Pickup 120,000 rub.
Cargo 120,000 rub.
Commercial 120,000 rub.

GAS recycling

This page describes in detail how to buy cars of this brand under the car recycling program.

You can familiarize yourself with the program of the automaker GAZ at dealers in your city.

Official site:

Model Compensation for disposal
Simple commercial vehicles 175,000 rub.
Freight 350,000 rub.

Opel recycling

The Opel program may be temporarily suspended, please contact your local dealers.

Model Compensation for disposal
Corsa 40,000 rub.
Antara 140,000 rub.
Astra 80,000 rub.
Mokka 100,000 rub.
Insignia 40,000 rub.
Zafira Tourer 80,000 rub.
Astra Family 130,000 rub.
Zafira Family 130,000 rub.
Meriva 40,000 rub.

SsangYong recycling

Sang-young recycling program

Model Compensation for disposal
SsangYong Actyon 120,000 rub.
SsangYong Kyron 120,000 rub.

Peugeot recycling

Model Compensation for disposal
408 50,000 rub.
4008 50,000 rub.
Boxer 50,000 rub.

Renault recycling

The Renault brand is still available under the recycling program at dealer showrooms.

Official site: 

Model Compensation for disposal Trade-IN compensation
Logan 25,000 rub. 25,000 rub.
Sandero 25,000 rub. 25,000 rub.
Megane hatchback 50,000 rub. 40,000 rub.
Fluence 50,000 rub. 40,000 rub.
Koleos 50,000 rub. 40,000 rub.
Duster 50,000 rub. 40,000 rub.

Nissan recycling

Nisan recycling program

Official site: 

Model Compensation for disposal Trade-IN compensation
ALMERA 60,000 rub. 50,000 rub.
TEANA 100,000 rub. 90,000 rub.
TERRANO 50,000 rub. 40,000 rub.

Volkswagen recycling

Volkswagen program and special offers.

Model Compensation for disposal Trade-IN compensation
Polo sedan 50,000 rub. 40,000 rub.
Jetta 50,000 rub. 40,000 rub.
Tiguan 2014 90,000 rub. 75,000 rub.

Citroen recycling

Official site: 

Model  Compensation for disposal Trade-IN compensation
C4 Sedan 50,000 rub. 40,000 rub.

Ford recycling

Skoda cars are available under a recycling program.

Official site: 

Model Compensation for disposal Trade-IN compensation
Ford Focus 50,000 rub. 50,000 rub.
Ford Mondeo 50,000 rub. 50,000 rub.
Ford S-Max 50,000 rub. 50,000 rub.
Ford Galaxy 50,000 rub. 50,000 rub.
Ford Kuga 2.5 Trend 100,000 rub. 100,000 rub.
Ford Kuga FWD 50,000 rub. 50,000 rub.
Ford Kuga AWD 90,000 rub. 75,000 rub.
Ford Edge 100,000 rub. 100,000 rub.
Ford Explorer 100,000 rub. 100,000 rub.
Ford Ecosport FWD 50,000 rub. 50,000 rub.
Ford Ecosport AWD 90,000 rub. 90,000 rub.

Skoda recycling

Official site: 

Model Compensation for disposal Trade-IN compensation
Fabia 60,000 rub. 50,000 rub.
Rapid 80,000 rub. 70,000 rub.
Octavia 90,000 rub. 80,000 rub.
Yeti 90,000 rub. 80,000 rub.
Yeti 4x4 130,000 rub. 115,000 rub.

Hyundai recycling

Official site:

Model Compensation for disposal Trade-IN compensation
Solaris 50,000 rub. 40,000 rub.
Solaris SE 50,000 rub. 40,000 rub.
Creta 50,000 rub. 40,000 rub.

Kia Recycling

Official site:

Model Trade-IN compensation
Kia CEED 40,000 – 75,000 rub.
Kia CEED SW 40,000 rub.
Kia Rio 40,000 – 70,000 rub.
Kia OPTIMA 50,000 rub.

Mazda recycling

Official site: 

Model When trading in a Mazda car When trading in a car of another brand
Mazda6 50 000 40 000
Mazda6 Executive 80 000 40 000
Mazda CX-5 2WD 60 000 40 000
Mazda CX-5 4WD 95 000 75 000

Ford recycling

Official site:

Model Compensation for disposal Trade-IN compensation
Ford Fiesta 50 000 60 000
Ford Focus 50 000 90 000
Ford Mondeo 146 000 70 000
Ford EcoSport 103 000 60 000
Ford Kuga 190 000 130 000
New Ford Kuga 200 000 125 000
New Ford Explorer 175 000 130 000

Mitsubishi recycling

Official site:

Model Compensation for disposal Trade-IN compensation
Outlander 40 000 40 000
Pajero Sport 75 000 75 000

Look for programs for other brands and models of cars that interest you on their official websites.

Discounts by car type

Depending on the make of the car and its type, car owners of scrapped cars are entitled to receive a discount for the purchase of a new vehicle. Below is a table of average values.

Car types Amount of discount
cars from 40,000 to 175,000 rub.
medium-duty trucks from 9000 to 35000 rub.
buses from 100,000 to 30,000 rub.
SUVs from 90,000 to 140,000 rub.
special equipment from 100,000 to 350,000 rub.
any AvtoVAZ models discount 50,000 rub.

List of recycling points by car


State car recycling program. Program conditions. How to return a car? List of cars

Car recycling is a mandatory procedure in some countries, but in Russia attention was paid to it only in 2010, when the government introduced preferential conditions for handing over cars. Cars can't run forever. Each vehicle has its own expiration date, after which the manufacturer encourages citizens to scrap the product.

In 2017, the official vehicle recycling program is still in effect, although there is no guarantee of further extension, as is the official website for the program.

What is the government vehicle recycling program? How does it work?

Recycling of old cars has long been practiced all over the world. The essence of the new state program is a procedure in which the owner gets rid of an old car. It becomes scrap metal, which is collected and recycled at designated landfills. Such actions are driven by the need to protect the environment and ensure road safety.

In Russia, these points are complemented by the possibility of increasing sales of the domestic automobile industry. After all, recycling an old car usually ends with the purchase of a new car. Due to the positive impact on the state of the domestic automobile industry, the preferential recycling program in Russia is constantly being extended.

A person who plans to participate in the program has 2 options for the development of events:

  • Car scrapping;
  • Participation in the Trade-in program.

Both scenarios involve receiving a discount on a new car. However, the amount depends on whether the old car becomes scrap or is resold. The make and model of the car also affects the size of the discount.

Conditions of the car recycling program

The 2017 government recycling program accepts almost all vehicles. But there are certain requirements that a vehicle must meet.

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Requirements for vehicle participation in the recycling program:

Year of issue . By 2017, this criterion had practically ceased to be considered, but you can only count on a discount when returning a car manufactured in 1999 or later. In this case, the status of the “old” car must be preserved. Products older than 6 years are sent for scrap metal, and cars older than 10 years are not suitable for trade-in.

Property . In order to avoid claims from owners, only those cars that have been owned for more than 6 months are allowed to be scrapped. Cars with an unpaid loan, as well as cars registered to several owners, do not fit this description.

Compliance with technical specifications . The vehicle must not be refitted or repaired with parts from other brands and models. In theory, the device should be on the go.

BUT! The vehicle is delivered to the dealership by a tow truck at the owner’s expense, since it must be deregistered by the time of delivery.

Only citizens of the Russian Federation can take advantage of the preferential program.

What cars are included in the program, what cars can be returned?

Any vehicle that meets the conditions is subject to recycling. Depending on the specific model and brand, the amount of compensation may vary:

  • Alfa Romeo – up to 50 thousand;
  • Datsun - 70 thousand;
  • Citroen – up to 50 thousand;
  • Ford – up to 200 thousand;
  • Kia – up to 75 thousand;
  • Hyundai – up to 50 thousand;
  • Mitsubishi – up to 75 thousand;
  • Mazda – up to 95 thousand;
  • Nissan – up to 100 thousand;
  • Opel – up to 140 thousand;
  • SsangYong - up to 120 thousand;
  • Peugeot – up to 50 thousand;
  • Renault – up to 50 thousand;
  • Skoda – up to 130 thousand;
  • Volkswagen – up to 90 thousand;
  • VAZ - up to 90 thousand;
  • GAZ – up to 350 thousand;
  • UAZ - up to 120 thousand.

Audi, BMW, Subaru, Toyota, Suzuki, Iveco, Mercedes, Infinity, Fiat, Great Wall, Lexus, Chevrolet, IZH-Lada are also suitable for recycling (see Chinese cars in Russia). However, information about how the program works and compensation for the scrap of these cars should be found on dealers’ websites. The maximum amount of compensation is paid for scrap metal.

You can only spend this discount on buying a new car assembled in Russia (see The most anticipated new products in the Russian automobile industry). The discount is not paid in cash equivalent, so it can only be spent on the purchase of a car. At the same time, the price of the car cannot be inflated by the car dealership above the cost recommended by the manufacturer.

Duration of the recycling program, how long will it be extended?

The timing of the program has not been finalized, so it is not yet possible to say exactly when the program will be extended for 2018. Programs like this are discussed and approved annually, but there was talk of a likely imminent completion back at the end of 2015.

What documents are required to participate in the recycling program?

The procedure for scrapping a car is quite extensive and complex, but the car owner will only have to provide a few documents to participate in the promotion:

  • Passport. Only Russian citizens participate in the promotion, so the owner of the vehicle must present his valid internal passport.
  • The act of scrapping the car, which indicates the amount of the agreed discount on the purchase of a new car.
  • PTS. The most important marks in the PTS are the period of ownership of the bearer, as well as the mark on deregistration.
  • A note on deregistration of a car with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate can be presented not only in the form of a stamp in the PTS. A certificate from the traffic police or a vehicle registration card is also suitable.

How to return a vehicle under the recycling program? How much does it cost?

The dealer deals with all the details of scrapping the car. Therefore, the vehicle owner only needs to select a dealership, check out the payments under the state program on the website, or talk to employees by phone.

It is advisable to immediately check with the car dealership whether there is a car recycling program and what payments are available.

After the center is finally selected, the car owner must fill out documents to deregister the car and deliver it to the dealership.

If you participate in the recycling program, you will also have to pay additionally for this procedure. It will cost 6-15 thousand rubles to hand over an old car under the recycling program, depending on which option is used, because for trade-in the services of a dealer for the sale of the old model are paid. Plus, you need to pay for the services of a tow truck yourself.

How to buy a car under the recycling program?

The purchase of a car takes place in the same dealership where the client applied to return his old car. However, this is not a mandatory step; you can make a transaction in different places. Also, upon purchase there is the possibility of obtaining a loan. In this case, a vehicle scrappage certificate is added to the list of documents for obtaining a car loan.

As a result, the instructions on how to purchase a car under the recycling program are as follows.

Instructions: how to purchase a car under the recycling program:

  • Draw up a contract for the purchase of a car;
  • Collect documents for disposal (your passport and a certificate of deregistration of the vehicle from the traffic police register);
  • Dispose of the car and obtain a certificate of this procedure;
  • Give the certificate to the salon and pay for the dealer’s services.
  • The discount on the certificate will be deducted when calculating the final cost of the new vehicle.

Truck Recycling Program

The recycling scheme for trucks is no different from that for a passenger car. The only difference will be the cost of compensation. Although the price range of discounts largely depends on the make and model of the car, there is also a ranking by their type.

If you can get about 50 thousand rubles for a passenger car, then the “cost” of trucks and commercial vehicles starts from 90 thousand. In this case, weight plays a role.

For example, trucks and buses weighing from 2.5 to 3.1 tons are the lightest, so compensation for them is about 100-120 thousand rubles.

While the most massive devices weighing more than 7.5 tons will compensate for 300-350 thousand when purchasing a new product.

Both individuals and legal entities can arrange for the recycling of trucks. The conditions for the procedure are identical to those for passenger cars, so most of the work is performed by the dealer. The client needs a minimum of documents and a power of attorney in the name of the salon, if the buyer does not want to deregister the vehicle with the traffic police.

Latest news about the car recycling program

There have been virtually no specific changes in the program since the first year of its operation. The list of cars that can participate in the program has slightly expanded, and the requirements have also decreased. For example, initially, in order to sell a car for scrap under the program, you had to be its sole owner for at least a year. Today this period has decreased to 6 months.

In 2017, Russian citizens are still actively participating in the program. This has a positive impact on the domestic auto industry. Therefore, most likely, we should expect an extension of this program in 2018. However, not all car dealerships continue to operate this program today, since dealerships still have the option of refusing scrap items under the trade-in program.

It is recommended to track the latest news on whether the car recycling program will be extended into 2018 on the program’s official website.

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Car recycling program

The state car recycling program, launched for the first time in 2010, is still in effect. The program aims to increase the growth of sales of domestic cars by providing subsidies for the purchase of new cars to replace old ones.

You will learn from this article how to take part in the program, what discount you can get on the purchase of a new car, what you need to do for this, and where to find the official website of the state program for recycling old cars in 2018.

Despite the fact that the state program for the recycling of old cars started in 2010 with the entry into force of Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 31, 2009 N 1194, the official website of the state program was never created. However, there are unofficial sites on the Internet dedicated to the state program.

The conditions of the program for recycling old cars in 2018 from official Russian dealers are as follows:

  1. You are a citizen of the Russian Federation and have owned a vehicle for at least six months;

  2. You have all the documents for the car;

  3. Your vehicle meets the technical requirements.

According to the requirements, the vehicle that you want to write off must have an engine, gearbox, battery, electrical equipment, dashboard, body, seats, wheels, as well as all technical fluids.

Please note: since the conditions and price of car recycling in 2018 are determined by dealerships, the list of basic requirements for participation in the program may be supplemented.

The Russian government has not yet made a final decision on extending the project, so the state recycling program in Russia is valid until the subsidies allocated for its implementation run out. You can find out more about the possibility of participating in the state program directly at the dealership center in your city.

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Under the state program, you can only buy a car that was assembled on the territory of the Russian Federation. This list includes both domestic cars and foreign cars assembled at Russian factories.

According to information on the official websites of dealership centers in the Russian Federation in 2018, under this program you can purchase cars of the following brands:

  • Lada (compensation for the purchase of any model – 50,000 rubles);
  • UAZ (Patriot and Hunter – 90,000 rubles, Pickup and Cargo – 120,000 rubles);
  • GAZ (commercial vehicle – 175,000 rubles, truck – 350,000 rubles);
  • Opel (Meriva, Corsa, Insignia – 40,000 rubles, Astra – 80,000 rubles, Mokka – 100,000 rubles, Antara – 140,000 rubles);
  • Peugeot (Boxer, 408 and 4008 – 50,000 rubles);
  • Renault (Logan, Sandero – 25,000 rubles, Duster, Fluence and Koleos – 50,000 rubles);
  • Hyundai (Solaris, Creta – 50,000 rub.);
  • Nissan (Terrano – 50,000 rubles, Almera – 60,000 rubles, Teana – 100,000 rubles);
  • Skoda (Fabia – 60,000 rub.; Rapid – 80,000 rub., Octavia, Yeti – 90,000 rub.);
  • Volkswagen (Jetta, Polo – 50,000 rub.);
  • Citroen (C4 – 50,000 rub.);
  • Mitsubishi (Outlander – 40,000 rubles, Pajero Sport – 75,000 rubles);
  • Ford (Focus, S-Max, Galaxy, Mondeo – 50,000 rubles, Kuga AWD, Ecosport AWD – 90,000 rubles);

Important: The amount of compensation and models participating in the program may vary. Please check the conditions for disposal of various brands of cars at the dealership, as... They vary in each region.

As for how to scrap a car and receive a certificate, it all depends on the agreement you enter into with the dealer. Most often, the dealer deals with the disposal of the car, and you just need to hand over the car to him and wait until all the documents are ready.

Please note: If you have deregistered your car with the traffic police, you do not have the right to drive it. Such a car must be transported on a tow truck.

You can also recycle your car under the program yourself at one of the recycling centers in your city. Sometimes the dealer points to a specific collection point for auto junk, in which case it must be disposed of there.

Purchasing a car under the state program takes place in several steps:

  1. Conclude an agreement with the dealer;

  2. Issue a power of attorney or independently deregister the car with the traffic police;

You can deregister a vehicle from the traffic police either independently or through a dealer. In order for the dealer to deregister the car, you must draw up a power of attorney allowing him to carry out registration actions on your behalf.

  1. Issue a power of attorney or dispose of the car yourself and obtain a disposal certificate;

  2. Pay for dealer services;

  3. Buy a new car at a discount.

After scrapping your car, you will be issued a scrappage certificate. A sample certificate looks like this:

When you receive the certificate, you can proceed to the final stage of the program - receiving a discount and registering a new car.

The validity period of the certificate is limited directly to the period of validity of the program. This means that you will not be able to use the certificate when the budget allocated for the program runs out. In 2018, this amount is 10 billion rubles.

According to the conditions of official dealership centers participating in the program, depending on the make and model of the car, discounts on car recycling in 2018 range from 40,000 to 350,000 rubles. So, you can purchase:

  • Passenger car with a discount from 40,000 to 175,000 rubles;
  • SUV – 90,000 to 140,000 rubles;
  • Bus – 100,000 to 300,000 rubles;
  • Truck – 90,000 to 350,000 rubles.

You can find out more detailed information about the possibility of participating in the recycling campaign, as well as about discounts on a specific car model, at the dealership center in your city.

Date added: May 17, 2017


Car recycling in Moscow and the Moscow region 2018 | recycling of old cars free of charge under the state program | car recycler, car recycling point AVTO-UTIL.RU

Car recycling in Moscow and the region

The process of transferring a car to a recycling company involves a whole range of activities associated with the cost of money and time. Due to the fact that many Russians are not aware of the benefits of the federal program, they simply do not take advantage of this benefit. In addition, many car owners, when purchasing a vehicle, simply do not want to collect documentation to receive monetary compensation.

If a person wants to get rid of all the worries associated with familiarizing himself with a large number of laws and regulations, he chooses the easiest way - he uses the services of specialized companies, including us.

Our organization has been operating in the market for car removal and recycling services for 7 years. All this time we have been dealing with legal and technical issues related to the recycling of old cars.

Every year our fleet of special equipment that we use in our work has increased.

Therefore, today we can solve any problem, taking advantage of our vast experience, knowledge and skills in this field.

Services of our company

The full list of services of our company includes:

  • removal and recycling of used cars and trucks;
  • removal and disposal of vehicles involved in an accident;
  • removal and disposal of cars after a fire;
  • removal and disposal of motor vehicles;
  • removal and disposal of specialized equipment;
  • evacuation of cars from impound lots;
  • removal and disposal of motor depots and vehicle fleets.

By contacting our company, each client is guaranteed to receive a free tow truck visit and car loading. In addition, we can provide professional advice in case of any unusual situations.

We guarantee a high-quality and responsible approach to performing work. We can guarantee the safety of the transaction to each of our clients.

Our specialists provide full support, from choosing a new car model to completing its full purchase.

This is very convenient, since a person gets rid of the need to stand in line to fill out documentation, without wasting nerves, time and money.

The main advantages of car recycling through our company

The state program to support the domestic automobile industry and auto recycling has a number of advantages and disadvantages:

  • the ability to quickly get rid of an old car, bus, truck and other special equipment;
  • the opportunity to purchase a new vehicle for cash and on credit;
  • compensation for part of the cost of the car (up to 350 thousand rubles), which makes purchasing cars much more affordable;
  • the opportunity to get rid of part of the taxation (even if the car owner does not operate the vehicle for some time, he still has to pay taxes);
  • no need to find a place to park and spend the night.

Owners of old VAZs sometimes have to spend a lot of time and effort to ensure they work properly. But in some cases, it is better to buy a new car and rid the yards of clutter, reduce the threat to pedestrians and reduce the toxicity of exhaust on the roads.

All information about participation in the car recycling program in Moscow can be obtained from our contact information. We organize free vehicle removal for individuals, legal entities, vehicle fleets and budget organizations. For any operation, we guarantee full support, assistance in any questions and issuance of all necessary documentation.

Conditions for purchasing a car under the recycling program in 2018

You can draw up a car delivery agreement yourself at one of the specialized points (the right to choose remains with the car owner).

IMPORTANT! The process of recycling cars has a certain order (according to amendments to Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation No. 139 of May 20, 2017):

  1. The car owner (or the recycling company) delivers the vehicle to the recycling point. To register a car, you must have a title and a copy of the car owner's passport with you.
  2. The recycler fills out all the data in the Recycling Certificate, which serves as an official document confirming the fact of destruction of the vehicle.
  1. With this document, the car owner is sent to the traffic police, where he is issued a certificate of deregistration of the vehicle.
  1. A car owner enters into an agreement with a dealership to purchase a specific car model.

Important! Compared to the first stage of the recycling program (2010), the current conditions are slightly modified.

Firstly, not only individuals, but also companies (including leasing organizations) can recycle cars.

Secondly, now the car owner first needs to register at a recycling point, after which only the vehicle can be deregistered with the traffic police.

Thirdly, in addition to passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses and trucks are also included in the sale.

Important to know: What is car recycling?

Keeping your car in working order is task number one for every car owner. But sometimes it is completely irrational to repair a failed car component: both in terms of time and money. In such cases, the question arises about purchasing a new car. Naturally, not many are ready for such costs.

Russian buyers can save a little thanks to the current recycling program. This is a federal project, implemented with the support of the government, the main principle of which is to provide assistance in replacing an old car with a new one (namely, providing a discount).

History of the project

The car recycling program has existed for quite a long time (since 2010). According to the terms of the project, owners of cars with exhausted service life can count on a significant discount when purchasing a new vehicle.

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Initially, the amount of monetary reward did not exceed 50 thousand rubles. The cars purchased were mainly VAZ (more than 80%) and Renault (about 7%). At first, over 500 thousand were sold.

units of new cars, 30 billion rubles and more than 600 thousand certificates were allocated.

Later, the amount of compensation began to be determined based on the classification of cars (for example, for an SUV that was scrapped, the owner could receive up to 90 thousand rubles).

Unfortunately, the project was not supported by the community, as automakers began to raise prices for new cars, and a year later it was officially closed.

After a thorough analysis of the automotive market, the program was reinstated in 2014. In addition, 10 billion was allocated.

rubles to increase production volumes of the domestic automotive industry (Government Decree No. 328 of April 15, 2014 on “Development of industry and increasing its competitiveness”).

Over the seven years of its existence, the program has become popular and is now in great demand among car enthusiasts.

Car recycling program for 2018

In Russia, a considerable number of cars that cannot be repaired have long accumulated, both domestic and foreign manufacturers. The secondary market is overcrowded; many Russians do not want to buy used cars, since their operation is unprofitable.

Owners of passenger vehicles, SUVs, buses and special equipment can now recycle their cars and receive compensation payments as a reward. Naturally, for this you need to collect a certain package of documents.

To hand over a car under the recycling program in Moscow, you must prepare:

  1. A copy of a passport or any other document proving the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  2. A copy of the document confirming the fact of deregistration of the vehicle with the traffic police.
  3. A document that confirms that over the past 6 months the car has had only one owner.
  4. Receipt for payment of the fee for the disposal procedure.
  5. An agreement with a dealership for the purchase of a new car model participating in the program.

To return a car under the “Trade-in” program, you must submit:

  1. Copy of passport (copy of identity card).
  2. A copy of the document confirming the deregistration of the vehicle with the traffic police.
  3. A copy of the vehicle’s passport with a mark on participation in the exchange program.

Reference: before the advent of the compensatory benefit under the recycling program, the sales rate of the domestic vehicle fleet was at a very low level: 2.5% compared to 6-7% in more developed countries.

According to official representative offices of automakers that participate in the 2017 car recycling program, the buyer can receive compensation in the amount of 40-350 thousand rubles. Depending on the brand and model of the vehicle, the buyer can count on a discount:

  • for a passenger car from 40 thousand to 175 thousand rubles;
  • for an SUV from 90 thousand to 140 thousand rubles;
  • for a bus from 100 thousand to 300 thousand rubles;
  • for a truck from 90 thousand to 350 thousand rubles.

Used cars are recycled, after which they are used to produce materials for new components.

Requirements for vehicles subject to recycling

According to the terms of the car recycling program, any vehicle that meets certain requirements is allowed for exchange:

  • cars of any age and brand, produced in any country;
  • the car has all the technical components and assemblies: engine, transmission, seats, gearbox, wheels, electrics, etc.

The process of recycling used cars is carried out in several stages:

  1. All operating fluids are drained (this is done in order to prevent the occurrence of fire and explosion hazards).
  2. Glass and all rubber and plastic materials are removed.
  3. The interior trim, seats, and dashboard are removed.
  4. The wiring and everything that contains alloys and non-ferrous metals is removed.
  5. The transmission elements and the bridge are removed.
  6. Paint and rust elements are removed from the body using a shredder.
  7. The body is compressed and sent for melting in a special furnace.

Information: all elements and body parts that contain rubber and plastic, upholstery components and the dashboard are crushed and disposed of in specialized factories.

Call us now and find out all the nuances of the procedure for recycling old cars: 8 (926) 357-59-25


How to buy a car under the recycling program in 2018

During operation, any car wears out, as a result, there comes a time when it becomes unprofitable to repair it, it is necessary to purchase a new model.

For this purpose, you should take advantage of the opportunities provided by the recycling program.

 Buying a car under the recycling program in 2018 means becoming the owner of a car purchased at significant discounts.

Program conditions

In order to become the owner of a new vehicle on the most favorable terms, you need to have a clear understanding of how the recycling program works. It was first tested in 2010 and has been improved every year since then. Its main tasks are:

  • increasing sales of cars produced by domestic manufacturers, as well as enterprises owned by foreign companies but operating in the Russian Federation;
  • improving traffic safety by stopping the operation of vehicles with a high degree of wear and tear;
  • improving the environmental situation by reducing emissions of exhaust gases into the atmosphere.

The car recycling program applies only to citizens of the Russian Federation; foreigners and stateless persons who have a permanent residence permit in our country cannot use it.

Scrapping an old car and purchasing a new model is carried out in the following sequence. A car intended for scrapping must be deregistered with the traffic police, which can be done at the nearest inspection office.

To do this, the car owner writes a corresponding statement, in which he cites its upcoming disposal as the reason for deregistering the vehicle. Then, together with other documents and license plates, he submits the application to the duty officer.

If all documents are completed correctly, at the appointed time the owner of the car will be able to receive a certificate stating that the car has been deregistered. The same document can be obtained through the State Services portal, while the necessary documents are submitted electronically.

After the vehicle is deregistered, the vehicle must be delivered to a recycling facility. Even if the car is capable of moving under its own power, it must be delivered by tow truck, otherwise the car owner will face a fine.

Typically, the work of delivering a car to be scrapped to the place where this work is performed is carried out by representatives of a company that has the appropriate license and participates in the state program.

This work is carried out on the basis of an agreement concluded between the owner of the machine and a representative of the company.

After a car is scrapped, its former owner receives a special certificate, which serves as the basis for a discount when purchasing a new car as part of the recycling program.

State program participants

To become a participant in the auto recycling program, you must meet a number of requirements. A car that the owner would like to scrap as part of the privatization program must belong to him for at least six months.

At the time of delivery, the car must be fully equipped - from the engine to the window lifts, and even if one of the components does not work, it must be present.

You should worry about this in advance, because if during the inspection it turns out that the machine is missing some parts, then it will have to be completed.

Not only individuals, but also enterprises and firms of various forms of ownership can participate in the recycling program, which is very convenient for those organizations that would like to gradually renew their vehicle fleet.

What brands of cars can be recycled under the state program?

Many citizens who want to take part in the state program are interested in what cars are accepted for recycling and what restrictions exist in this regard? Today, the only criterion by which a car is allowed to participate in the state program is its technical condition.

If a few years ago it was possible to scrap only a car that had been in use for at least six years, now this restriction has been lifted.

Choosing a new car

Those citizens who have decided to exchange an old vehicle for a new one are wondering what cars can be purchased under the recycling program in 2018? The list of such cars is quite large, it includes both products of the domestic automobile industry and vehicles of foreign manufacturers assembled on the territory of the Russian Federation.

What discounts are available?

The recycling program is attractive to those participating in it because they can become owners of new cars at significant discounts and at the same time get rid of old vehicles that have exhausted their service life.

The discount for car recycling depends on what kind of car the program participant wants to own. The minimum discount is due when a passenger car is purchased, the maximum when a program participant chooses one of the models of special equipment.

Obtaining a discount on the purchase of new cars as part of the recycling program has a number of nuances. So, having handed over a passenger car, you can purchase any car from the list of vehicles that are offered under the program.

If a truck is scrapped, then a discount for it is only possible for the purchase of a truck or a special vehicle.

The discount provided does not depend on the condition and type of car being rented out. In addition, discounts cannot be cumulative. If, for example, an owner scraps three cars at the same time, then in order to take advantage of the discount, he will have to purchase three cars. The option of purchasing one car with a triple discount is not possible.

Is it possible to purchase a used car?

Sometimes those who want to change a car with maximum financial benefits ask whether the recycling program applies to the purchase of a used car? It should be borne in mind that one of the main goals of the car recycling program is to remove used cars from the roads, which increases traffic safety and improves the environmental situation in cities and other populated areas with heavy traffic. Therefore, it is impossible to hand over the car for recycling under the program and buy a used car.

Download: discount table (.DOCX)

Those citizens who would like to become owners of a used car can resort to the services of car dealerships; some of them practice such sales within the framework of the trade-in system, when the cost of the trade-in car is taken into account when purchasing the car selected at the dealership. However, it should be taken into account that the dealership’s specialists will value the vehicle being rented out significantly below its market value, so such a deal will not be very profitable.


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